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Player Placement

Player Placement

      Players will be placed on teams within their respective division by one of the following three methods:  a.)  Protected by coach;  b.) Placed on a free agent list; or  c.) placed on a team by AYBL.
     a. To be classified as a protected player or to be placed on the Free Agent list, the player must have completed all registration materials and have paid the one-time $229.00 registration fee by the Registration Deadline. There is a Late Registration fee starting September 15, 2019 of $269.00. The Board of Directors approved the increase to encourage players to register on time.
     b.  Registration must be received by: September 30, 2019.            
    c.  Players can be protected by having an AYBL coach put them on their protected team roster and registering to that team/coach..
    d.  Each coach must submit the names and birth dates for their protected players not less than 24 hours before the following dates online (team roster).  Failure to do so will cause the respective players to not have a protective status, requiring participation as a free agent.
    e.  Protected players CANNOT act as free agents.  
     f.  Non-protected players need to contact coaches' so that they can tryout for their team. AYBL will provide lists of teams that need players.
    g.  A player whose parent/guardian is a coach in the division the player is registered must be a "protected player" and is not eligible to participate in the free agency.
     h.  Players will execute a series of basketball skills enabling coaches to assess athletic ability and level of basketball skills.
    i.   Coaches not having their full complement of protected players will select players from the free agent list or have player(s) assigned by the Director of AYBL.

    j.  Should there be insufficient number of players in the respective division to fill all teams (minimum 8 players per team), our waiting list process will then start to begin.
    k.  Players not placed on a team or on the free agent list, will have the one time registration fee refunded and be placed on the Waiting List. 

Refunds will be paid in December.
    If the league places your child on a team, then a refund will not be allowed unless there is extenuating circumstances. The league will refund, in December, any player not placed on a team within 30 days of the start of the season. 
    l.  Players placed on a team from the Waiting List will be required to have completed all registration materials and to have paid the registration fee before participating in any practice or game.

    m.  2019-20 Injury Rule:  A player may be replaced only if that player will not return to the league for the remainder of that season (season ending injury).  Players must be registered with League Director.

     n.  No roster changes can be made after the tenth (10th) regular season game regardless of injury and or families and players who move during the season.

     o.  Players may only play on one (1) AYBL team.
     p.  By NMAA and AYBL rules an 8th grader who makes their high school team can not play on an AYBL team as they will exceed their game limits and eligibility!

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