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ZERO Tolerance Policy

The Albuquerque Youth Basketball League (AYBL) exists to provide a positive and constructive basketball experience for all participants.  Its goals include providing an enjoyable experience for coaches, players, parents and fans; developing positive traits of sportsmanship; and promoting goodwill between and among players and teams that compete in AYBL basketball programs.  In order to promote these objectives and provide a positive example for our youth, AYBL has created this ZERO Tolerance Policy.  The policy is mandatory for all participants in any AYBL program and must be adhered to at all times.

AYBL will not tolerate behaviors by players, coaches, parents, fans, and staff that run counter to its goals.  Coaches, players, and spectators are expected to display courtesy and good sportsmanship at all times.  The following rules apply at all events and to all AYBL participants.

  1. Officials – Referees are the sole persons on the basketball floor empowered to make calls and interpret basketball rules.  No person may, at any time, argue with referees, either during the game or after it concludes.
  1. Technical Fouls – Any player or coach who receives more than one technical foul during the basketball season will be suspended from play for anywhere from one game to the remainder of the season.  AYBL reserves the right to suspend, sanction, or take other action against players or coaches who receive a technical foul(s).
  1. Players & Coaches – Disrespectful behavior towards players, coaches, referees, or spectators is strictly prohibited.  Good sportsmanship must be displayed at all times.  No use of inappropriate language or gestures of any sort is permitted.  Players and coaches are expected to line up and shake hands with opponents after every game.  Any player or coach who conducts themselves in an abusive or obscene manner towards players, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, spectators, or league officials will be suspended for a minimum of one game.  Any repeat offense will result in suspension from the league for the balance of the year and subject the player and/or coach to other sanctions.
  1. Spectators – Yelling at or to players, coaches, and referees from the stands is strictly prohibited.  Spectators may not approach coaches or instruct players during the game or coach from the stands.  Any spectator who conducts themselves in an abusive or obscene manner towards players, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, league officials, or other spectators will be escorted from the gym and not permitted back.  Authorities will be notified if conduct or incident warrants.  Sanctions will be imposed.
  1. Gym Rules – All rules of gymnasiums must be followed at all times.  Players, coaches, and spectators must familiarize themselves with the rules, which may vary from gym to gym.
  1. Any bullying or cyber bullying will not be tolerated by AYBL.  AYBL may monitor games and practices for misconduct and will monitor social media sites for any violation of this section, to ensure a positive and safe playing environment.  All parents/guardians, spectators, coaches, and participants are expected to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, or any other) in a respectful manner.  Inappropriate use of social media will result in sanctions imposed upon player(s) and team(s).  Please do not post pictures of children unless you have the permission of their parent or guardian.

Coaches, parents and others are encouraged to report any violations of these rules to the AYBL Executive Director or other member of the Board of Directors.  The identity of persons making reports will be protected to the greatest extent possible.  Anonymous reports or complaints will not, however, be recognized by AYBL.  All reports, questions or comments should be directed to AYBL Executive Director, Dan Serrano, by email: [email protected]

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